martedì 10 ottobre 2017

Talking About Us

Hair: Vango. - Owen (B) - Greyscale - LM: Vango.   
Mask: Gabriel - ::GB:: Barb-wired mask Black - LM: Gabriel
Shirt: AmAzINg CrEaTiOnS - 6 Gothic Shirts - CH - (w/hud canghe texture) - @Swank Events
Pants: Jz - Zips n Pockets Pants Leather Black - @Swank Events
Pose: Glitter Poses - GP Aline Set (Pose 2) - @Swank Events
Hair: L'Emporio - ::*Mesmira*:: Hair Gothic colors - MP: L'Emporio
Outfit: - AnaSTyle - Xeria (W) - (Come With boots, bracelets, earrings, necklace and bandage) -  @The Darkness - LM: AnaSTyle
Living Room: {CdB} - Luna - @Swank Events
Comes With:
{CdB} Luna Arm Chair
{CdB} Luna Leather Bench
{CdB} Buffalo Horn Table
{CdB} Majesty Floor Mirror
{CdB} Cognac Set
{CdB} Luna Coffee Table
{CdB} Luna Side Table
{CdB} Luna Flower Lamp
{CdB} Tea Table
{CdB} Potted Ivy in Faience
{CdB} Luna Pillows
{CdB} Bowl of Acorns
{CdB} Horror/Sci Fi  Books

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