lunedì 2 ottobre 2017

Born To Drive

Jacket: KiB Designs - Dimitri Jacket - (Comes With Hud colors) - @ The Men's Zone - LM: KiB Designs
Beard: CDC Creation's - Beard 93 V2 Tintable (Catwa/ Sig / Omega) -  @Swank Events  - LM: CDC
Motorcycle: Optmus Race - HD1200 DARK CUSTOM SERIES - Cams for man and for woman version, 10  Versions For The Best Performance With Less Lag, Model With 600 Poses Created Exclusive For The Motorcycle, Several Combinations Colors Of Paint, KCP Redirect For TP Your Motorcycle, Damage Meter System For Your RPG, SD Script.lsl, Radio System - LM: Optmus Race - MP: Optmus Race 

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