giovedì 28 marzo 2019

Militaric JK

BENTO Static Male Poses - 75
Now @ MOM

Shape: Ethereal
  Javier Shape
For Bento Catwa Stanley
Hair: Alantori
  Chris Hair V3

Facial Hair / Eyebrows / Hairbase: Volkstone
(catwa/omega applier)

Jacket: [Gild]
Militaric JK - Black
Available in 5 colors
Belleza - Signature
Necklace: Codex
Kazuma Necklace
W/Hud Colors
Now @ Neo Japan


martedì 26 marzo 2019

Galactic Vibes

Hold me...
Bento Static Couple Pose
Backdrop: The Bearded Guy 
Hipster Warehouse
Galactic Vibes Backdrops (Gacha)
4 Common 1 Rare
Shirt: Legal Insanity
Bern shirts
W/Hud Colors 
Pants: Legal Insanity
Gus jeans
W/Hud Colors 
Now @ Equal10 

sabato 23 marzo 2019

Discovering wonders!!!

Discovering wonders...
Bento Static Couple Pose
Hair: VoltHair 
Steven - Blonde Pack
Now @ Man Cave
Shirt: Fashionnatic
Mitch Male Polo Shirt
10 Single Colors and Fatpack
 Slink - Signature Gianni / Geralt - Belleza Jake
Now @ Man Cave

Pants: Meva 
Tyron Pants - Black and silver
Signature- Belleza
Now @ Man Cave
 Birds with Lantern: │T│L│C│
Oriole Set
The set is a 100% MESH
8 prim LI

domenica 17 marzo 2019


Bento Static Male Poses W14 - 1
Hair: VoltHair 
Oliver - Brown Pack
Beard: //REBIRTH/
[//Classic Pack/]-Beard_CR-MED_style-[//CR/]
Black - Brown and Ginger
Omega  - Catwa Applier
Outfit: [LOB]
Anourak Set
W/Hud Colors Fatpack
Now @ TMJ
Sneakers: NativeUrban 
Another 1 Sneakers
Male and Female
W/Hud Colors 
Belleza - Signature - Maitreya

venerdì 15 marzo 2019

The Avenger

Bento Static Male Poses W24 - 4

Pants/Boots/Kimono: Gabriel 
Around Waist Kimono Set (Pants Boots Set)
Signature / Belleza ( Blaack / Red / Blue )
 Tattoo: Gabriel 
Nyorai Tattoo
Signature / Belleza
Mask: Gabriel
Body Cord: [Gild]
Body-Cord with Tassel - brown
Belleza - Signature

mercoledì 13 marzo 2019

Queen of Foxes

Bento Static Pose
The package contains:
Foxes: │T│L│C│
The Foxes Comes With Full Set
The set comes in a Winter and a Summer version - 100% MESH item
10-22 prim LI for the complete scenes
It includes animated adult foxes, cubs, mice, den, and tree, as shown on the picture
MP: Fox
Tattoo: Juna Tatoo  
3 tone (Dark 100%, Medium 75% and Light 50%)
All Info Her: Uma

sabato 9 marzo 2019

Gild Style

Tank: [Gild]
Mesh Tank - Black
Available in 5 colors
Belleza - Signature
Pants: [Gild]
Pocket jump pants - Red
Available in 5 colors
Belleza - Signature
Now @ FaMESHed

venerdì 8 marzo 2019

The Fury!!!

Hair: no.match 
Unrgged Mesh - Unisx
 @ eBENTO  start on March 10th

Shirt: Meva 
Reginald Cardigan
W/Hud Colors
Signature Gianni
Now @ MOM
Mask: DiMi's
Fallen Angel Mask - Black
Wings: DiMi's
Wings - Black
Unisex whit Resize

Katana: [IESU]
Asuramaru Katana (Owari no Seraph)
For the description, details and combat systems 
please read the discretion in the market
MP: Asuramaru Katana (Owari no Seraph)

martedì 5 marzo 2019

Protection Area

Coming Soon
Bento Static Couple Pose
The package contains:
Pose pad witc prop (Magazine / Mod.)

Jacket: Gabriel
Denim Hoodie Jacket - Black 
Belleza - Signature
Now @ Uber
Jeans: Fashionnatic
Angelo Jeans
W/Hud Colors fatpack
  2 Version - Regular and Boot
 Slink - Signature Gianni / Geralt - Belleza Jake

 Jacket: Gabriel
Denim Hoodie Jacket - Dark Black 
Now @ Uber

Lake Scene: │T│L│C│
Day at the Lake
The set is a 100% MESH
40 prim LI for the complete scene
It includes Dogs and All Scene
Heron: │T│L│C│
Animated with 1 Prim Land Impact
100% MESH
MP: Heron