martedì 21 novembre 2017

I'm Just A Little Tired

Fur Hoodie and Tank Top: Gabriel
Fur Hoodie Set - Male
Fur Hoodie White and Tank Top Black
Now @ Shiny Shabby

Jeans: Fashionnatic
Pathos Jeans
Normal and Boot Version - (W/Hud 12 Colors fatpack)
(Come for Adam - Aesthetic - Bellezza - signature - slink - tmp)
Boots: Fashionnatic
Sinder Boots
W/Hud 20 Colors fatpack  And Infinite Combinations
Adam - Aesthetic - Bellezza - Signature - Slink - Tmp
Goggles: <SUR>
 Colorable Snow Goggles
Goggles Head-Up (In The Photo)
 4 Diferent Styles (Nose, Head-Up, Chest, Hand)
Lens, Frame, Straps And Buckles W/Hud Colors

Snowboard: RO
Gacha Item
Search On Marketplace "RO - Snowboard"

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